Monday, June 24, 2013

Shopping, anyone?

Courtney and I had a fun little project last Tuesday. We made shopping bags! Very LITTLE shopping bags. American Girl doll size, in fact. There's a free printable PDF file here for use as is, or to use as a template to make bags out of other paper or to color as you wish. Here's what the partially cut out bags looked like:

Courtney had already cut hers and was using the scraps to make something else. Josie was making use of some scraps, too. Grandma's always a bit slower. That might have something to do with taking pics at the same time.

Here's how our teeny shopping bags turned out. Aren't they adorable?

I used old shoelaces for the handles, which worked well (sometimes it pays to save everything!). Any kind of cording would work, too. My regular hole punch broke some time ago, so I had to just poke holes with a little stiletto... that's why they're so small... but it worked okay. We even reinforced the holes on the insides of the bags with self-adhesive reinforcers.

If you look closely at the blue bag in the back, you'll see that Courtney used glitter glue to trace the design that was already there. It added some sparkle and a bit of dimension - nice touch!

Here are Marie Grace and Kit, all ready to fill their bags with goodies! Yes, the bags are very tiny!

And below is my little photo bomber! :)

Okay, girls.... let's go SHOPPING!!

We didn't know what to put in those tiny bags, so Courtney had the great idea of just drawing little things for the dolls to purchase... like clothes, jewelry, etc. We started that but didn't get finished, so no photos... yet, anyway.