Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kitten update

Courtney was here for the day on Tuesday, so of course we had to check out Rainbow's kittens. In fact, we checked them out four different times. :)  They're at such a cute age now, and are just beginning to play well. They're also great to hold:

We took them out into the grass for the first time. They wanted to explore and weren't very good at posing for the camera. My assistant tried to help:

It worked for a few seconds...

... and then they were quickly on their way...

... in different directions... away from the camera, of course.

Here are my best shots of the day... taken before we went outside with them. Is this adorableness or what?!

Talk about posing!!

Yes, Rainbow feeds them very well. :)

We finally have them officially named! The orange one is Tony the Tiger, and the other one is Pete the Cat (he even has white "shoes"!). Heehee.

Here's a fun video:

I'm not so sure "Tony" was having fun, but Courtney sure was. :)


Auntie Kris said...

I love Pete! He's so cute!

Jessica Jones said...

Cuteness! More kitten posts, please!

annie dee said...

I love those tubby bellies!! Hug them for me!

Grandma G said...

Sorry, can't hug 'em. Can't post more photos of 'em. They're gone, as of this morning. Rainbow was gone, too, so apparently she took them out to see more of the world... or learn to hunt... or something. I've seen Rainbow a couple of times during the day today, but not in the machine shed. I'm sure the kittens aren't too far away, and I'll very likely be seeing them again. I hope! Courtney will be awfully disappointed if they're not here next time she is!

Scoot is in the process of moving hers, too. :( I hope those mamas realize there's more rain in the forecast.

Grace said...

Love the cute kittens. Also like the new Blog header. Very pretty. Have a great day.

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Grace. I hear your babies have been found once again - yay!