Friday, June 21, 2013

Scoot's babies

Since Rainbow moved her babies to a secret hideaway, Courtney and I made our way over the electric fence to go visit Scoot's babies on Tuesday. Unfortunately, Scoot abandoned two of hers, so she only has these two left. (Sometimes I think mother cats don't know how to count, and they end up forgetting some of their kids!) They are still pretty little... about a "foot" long:

I'm not sure what we'll call the black one, but the little guy below is already named Spotty:

This one seemed to love snuggling:


Anybody for tummy rubs?

Courtney and I also discovered a brand-new day-old batch of four that day. The mother is all black... the babies are mostly black. And Mama kitty finally brought one of hers over from the neighbor's last night. It was the first time I'd seen any of her current batch. Guess what color it was? Ha - black and white. I sure hope Rainbow brings her little orange guy back. Also, Patches is about to have another batch any day now. She will hopefully have a little more color variety!


annie dee said...

Lots of fuzzy round bellies there. So wonderful to see - thanks. I needed that!

Jessica Jones said...

I love that spotted guy!

Grandma G said...

My pleasure, Annie Dee! :)

Yeah, Spotty's pretty cool. Very spotty. :)