Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bonus post!

It's the first day of spring!!!!!!!!!!! And just for that, I'm giving you another post besides the one from earlier this morning that I wrote last night. I've had new sightings!

I saw my first robin last evening, but it disappeared before I could even get the camera. This morning I saw another one, and it cooperated much better. Here's my very first robin photo of the year, taken from over 50 feet away:

As I was outside with the camera, I could hear many, many geese honking, but they didn't sound like they were flying. A quick look told me that they were on some standing water in the neighbor's field. This is what I could see from our driveway:

Zooming in as far as I could gave me this next shot. Look how thick they are!

And then I cropped another photo for a slightly better look:

Spring is here, folks... for real! Even if it snows again (and it surely could)... as they say, it can't last long. Today's forecast high temperature of sunny mid-50's should get rid of a lot of that dirty old snow, too. Hurray!

Happy Spring!!!

(And now I'll quit playing and get to work, Kris! Actually, that "work" is kinda like playing to me, too. ;) )

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