Monday, March 10, 2014

Golden hour snowbanks

On Friday I showed you my view from inside the house. Saturday evening it was so pretty out just before sunset that I thought I'd see what kind of photos I could get from outside, since there was no wind for a change, and the the temperature felt halfway decent at 24°. I donned my fingerless gloves and snapped away.

Here's the other side of that 7-8' drift I mentioned in my last post:

A little closer, enhanced by the soon-to-set sun:

There's been a huge drift out by the cattle shed for a long time. It just keeps growing. The cattle yard (to the left) is buried. One day Courtney and I walked across the top of that drift, over the fence and into the cattle yard. We discussed whether or not there were any cows under us. There weren't. :)

Here it is, closer. You can see the layers of how it grew each time we had another 'blow':

It did some melting that day, though. See how the dark areas shrank back away from the lighter stuff? The sun has power these days.

This shot was just pretty... kind of like sand dunes. I like the contrasting colors:

This is the path I take out to feed my cats. Every time it gets blown out by the snowblower, the wind comes up and fills it back in again. Sometimes it's just easier to walk on the snow alongside the path, because it's very hard.

Here's Courtney's and Grandpa's snow fort that they built last Tuesday. It looks like it needs a little housekeeping, since some snow also blew into there after they built it.

We have plenty of snow in front of the house, too, including that huge drift hiding the deck:

But do notice the new garage doors that our carpenter managed to get installed in between snow'blows'. He also insulated the garage, and the walk-in doors will be replaced eventually, too.

One final shot... this is what it looks like as you come up our driveway at sunset:

So there you have it... and I hope it changes fast. We hit 46° yesterday, and today should be similar - yay!

I took some fun experimental camera-practice photos yesterday, plus I have another sewing finish, so I should have enough blog fodder for the week. I hope you come back to see!

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