Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Photo fun

Our snow has been melting! HURRAY!!! With mid-40's on Sunday and 53° yesterday, the snow has been melting like crazy. It's a mess of standing water and dirty snow right now, but that's part of the process. We won't discuss today's forecast. As I write this the evening before it auto-posts, I'm sure hoping those 2+ inches of wet, sloppy new snow don't happen!

I had fun practicing with my new camera on Sunday. I used a really fast shutter speed to capture the drops falling from the garage roof. I also tried out "continuous shooting", which worked really great. Enjoy the disappearing snow with me!


annie dee said...

Ooh! Crystal clear. So cool. That's a drop of water!! Wow! Great job

Anonymous said...

Very cool!! Love the last one.
Glad you are thawing.

Jessica Jones said...

Those are so neat!

Grandma G said...

Thank you all! I like that last one best too, Gwen.

New snow came today, but since it was around 40 for most of the day, it didn't last long. It is actually feeling like spring out there!