Monday, March 24, 2014

Dancing with Courtney!

Courtney's been taking her first-ever dance classes for a while now, and she had a recital yesterday. It was so fun to watch, and she did a great job! I took lots of photos, and it was too hard to nail them down, so I made some collages for you. You can click on each one to enlarge it for a better look.

The girls did some tumbling, too. I really had to admire their teacher! She had a somewhat dangerous job, what with all those legs and arms flying around! ;)

It must've been a lot of fun for Courtney... even if her routine didn't quite go as intended, she always ended up laughing. :)

Below are some really fun shots, with lots of action:

I had brought my trusty old Kodak along to capture a video to post here. So have fun watching the girls dance... and turn up your volume! Courtney's front and center, with the blue belt.

Yeah... the music ended just that abruptly... end of dance. :)

Nice goin', Courtney! Grandpa and Grandma are so proud of you!


Jessica Jones said...

Hee hee! I love it! Tell her great job!

Grandma G said...

Will do!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Yay Courtney!

Live a Colorful Life said...

I think it so much fun to watch young dancers. Charlotte has taken tap and ballet.

annie dee said...

For some reason my tablet wouldn't display the video. Finally remembered to come look at the post again from the laptop. Adorable! She did great!

Grandma G said...

It's because tablets don't run Flash, which is needed to play this type of video. :( I bet you didn't see my video on my "Morning Routine" post back in Feb. then. I was surprised you didn't comment on it. ;)

annie dee said...

Bummers. Did I miss something fun? I'll go look.

Grandma G said...

Just fighting cats. Did you find them?