Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Signs of spring

Spring is coming. REALLY. There are definite signs! I've seen flock after flock of geese, thousands all in a matter of a few minutes, heading north. I've heard robins, but apparently they weren't staying here, because they were in the trees and not landing on the ground, so I couldn't see them. But Grandpa saw some last week. I've seen several huge flocks of blackbirds. And look what I discovered on the south side of our house Friday!

Yes, my tulips are coming up! I was rather surprised, considering that snowbank in front of the house. But they managed to get enough warmth to pop out of the ground despite the all the snow.

The best sign of spring, though, is the snow melting. Here's part of our front yard and driveway. The snow's been melting very fast, thank goodness.

I've mentioned the "golden hour" before... that hour just after sunrise or before sunset... that special hour where the color of outdoor photos is at its best. Here's the same scene, just a short time later, as the sun was about to set:

Sure makes a pretty difference, doesn't it?

And here's that setting sun:

Yes, spring is coming! HOW.EV.ER. ... as I write this, Monday night, we have a winter weather advisory, with 3-5 inches of new snow + wind possible on Tuesday. Aargh. Winter isn't gonna let go easily.


annie dee said...

Beautiful photos and hello tulips! Just about to buckle down for a wind, rain and thunderstorm here. Cmon spring! Hurry up!

Grandma G said...

Thanks! Hope your dogs survived the thunderstorm okay!