Monday, March 31, 2014

Get Carded wallet #6

What can I say? I made another one. My sixth wallet from Erin Erickson's awesome pattern! Somebody stop me!!! But not yet. I have at least two more to make. Heheh.

This one is for a very special little friend. Actually, I've only met her once, but I've seen tons of photos of her, and her mom and I have become very good friends. Her birthday is tomorrow, and her mom asked if I'd consider making her a wallet for her birthday since I'm so addicted. Of course I was delighted to have an excuse to make another one, and her mom asked if I had any fabric with bunnies on it. Well, sure enough I did, and it was perfect, because I could get bunnies AND her initials together! So I put her first initial on the front...

... and her last initial on the back (on the optional plain fabric pocket instead of the vinyl one, since I didn't think she'd be getting carded anytime soon).

After I sent her mom pics of it, I asked if I had maybe accidentally gotten her middle initial on there, too, since I had no idea what her middle name is. Sure enough, I did! Ha! How cool is that? Her mom's initial just happens to be on there, too (in case she wants to borrow it sometime).

The fabric also has lots of other fun things, like scissors and pencils, etc., that interest that little girl, and I figured she'd like a strap that she can take off and reattach, so that has cool stuff on it, too.

It was a little tricky fussy-cutting it and figuring out what to put where. Thank goodness I'd used the pattern a time or two (or five) before, so I knew where each piece would end up. I still held my breath, wondering if my plan would work out when it came time to sew it. It did work, and I was quite pleased with the results!

So Happy Birthday tomorrow, Kate! I hope you have a super day, love the wallet, and enjoy being 6 years old!! (And are recovering from the jet lag, ETC. ;) )

In case the fabrics look familiar, the outer one came from Jess's friend in Japan, and I used it on Courtney's LeapPad case. The inner one was some I'd bought many years ago, and I used it recently in the Le Marais coat, hat and bag for Courtney's American Girl doll.

I may be expanding my addiction. Erin Erickson just released a new sewing pattern! I've been waiting for this one... it's called the Gadget Guard. It's for making sleeves for electronic devices, such as laptops, tablets, readers, etc., and the brilliant thing about it is that it contains a formula for fitting any size device! I'm excited to try it out! In case any of you are interested in giving it a try yourself, it happens to be on sale for $2 off until April 6th, so grab it now!

Do I sound like an ad for Erin Erickson? She's not paying me to say these things! :) I only say them because I'm so thrilled with her patterns. I love them because they're so good. That's it. Try one... you'll see what I mean.


annie dee said...

LOL. G'ma G. This is the cutest one of all! Love it.

Grandma G said...

Thanks! :)