Friday, March 21, 2014

Crafting (& drafting?) with Courtney

On Tuesday when Courtney was here, she decided she wanted to do a craft project from fabric scraps. She had just gotten out her basket of scraps when I got a phone call that ended up lasting quite a while. She went ahead, though, and did the entire project all by herself, including the thinking up of what to make. Here she is with her little project:

Now you need to take a closer look at all the details! I think it's awesome. And look at that cute little face!

Then from a previous visit (I can't even remember if it was last Sunday or the Tuesday before), she had decided to make a drawing of her house. This is her first version:

It wasn't quite big enough to hold everything, so she made a slightly bigger one. Neither was big enough, though, to include the bathroom she accidentally forgot, so she had to build an addition. :)

Okay, one more try, on a bigger piece of paper:

Don'tcha just love them? I sure do! Considering she's only a first grader, I think she did a wonderful job of phonetic spelling. The proportions are a teensy bit off... some nice thick walls there ;)... but really, I don't think I could do a freehand drawing of our house and get all the proportions right, either! I do think it's pretty significant that her playroom is the biggest room in the house. :)


Auntie Kris said...

That's pretty cute. I love that the wall between their bedrooms is as big as her bedroom!

Live a Colorful Life said...

Very cool! I think it is really hard to draw a floor plan. She did an awesome job!