Friday, March 7, 2014


This was the view from my sewing room yesterday. It reminded me of prison bars. But I guess if there's a good place for me to be imprisoned, it'd be in my sewing room. :)

I was feeling kind of imprisoned through the whole house, though, as the 4-5" of snow we got Monday night was blowing around at 30+ mph all day. Here's the view from the kitchen:


I'll give you some closer looks at that view above. This peak kept growing throughout the day:

Beyond that is the snow fort that Grandpa and Courtney made on Tuesday. Grandpa said Courtney plans to add onto it next Tuesday.

If you look way past that in this next photo, past the clotheslines, past the lilac bushes... you can see the huge snowbank that's out there. It's at least 7 or 8 feet tall. Or was. Probably taller after all was said and done yesterday.

Now we go to look out the living room windows:

The snow was still blowing, adding onto that drift. It comes up all the way from the ground, so it must be at least 7 feet tall also. I tried to capture the blowing snow, but it mostly just looks blurry:

The wind was from the south, so the good part of it all was that the temperature was going up. It made it pretty close to 35°. The warmth combined with the continuing blowing snow made for different decorations later on the kitchen windows:

All in all, it was a very yucky day. There was a maybe 4-ft. snowbank in front of the garage. Thankfully, that one was too big for me to scoop off. Courtney's daddy came over with the tractor and snowblower and blew everything out... yet AGAIN... before the day was over.

Surely spring is on its way, right? Please say YES!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh My, that looks impressive and here I was whining about the 1/4 inch of ice we have on our trees this morning. Spring is trying to make an appearance here with a few daffodils in bloom so it is bound to reach you soon.

Grandma G said...

The crazy thing is that we've never gotten more than an inch or two at a time, until Monday. But we've had such strong winds that they've just picked it all up off the open areas and deposited it in the yards. The fields, where the moisture is needed most, are pretty bare.

The wind is presently back from the north (at 30 mph, of course), so we're headed back down to 4 degrees or so tonight. But maybe 47 by Monday?!!