Friday, July 25, 2014

Crafting with Courtney

Gosh, it's been a long time since we've done any "crafting with Courtney"! I think we've been too busy "kittying with Courtney". :) But this week she brought along a sewing kit that Grandpa and I had given her for her birthday, so we began a project from that.

The kit contained several projects, and everything she needed for each one was included, like fabric, needles, embroidery floss, scissors, pins and pin cushion, etc. She decided to make a stuffed kitty (ha - more kittying!). It was all hand sewing, so it gave her some good practice with her stitches.

She was very careful and really concentrated on what she was doing.

There was a little manual with instructions for each project (in 4 languages, no less!). Let me just say that the instructions left a lot to be desired, and it's a good thing they included pictures!

We managed to figure out how it was supposed to go together, and Courtney sewed. And smiled as she did so.

Her skills have improved a lot since she sewed with me the last time (whenever that was). I'm sure it's because her other grandma has been teaching her to embroider. She does a lovely job at that!

She didn't have time to finish the kitty before she went home, so this post MAY be continued.....


annie dee said...

Nice work! Can't wait to see the rest. I have fond memories of making things from kits for myself or with my own kids. Great way to learn!

Grandma G said...

Thank you! I'll pass your words along to Courtney. :) Encouragement always helps! She texted me that she'd worked on it some at home - yay!

Mark said...

Looks like the craft projects are getting a little more complicated as your crafter gets older

Grandma G said...

Yep, gotta keep her challenged! ;)