Friday, July 4, 2014


Happy Independence Day, everyone! Because I haven't seen any fireworks yet this year, I'll show you the collage I made of last year's. :) Click on the collage to enlarge it, and enjoy!

And what fun would today be without a kitten update?! What are these littles doing... watching fireworks themselves???

Maybe Aggie's pointing out her favorites:

Reaching... reaching:

Calisthenics, perhaps???

Nope. Just watching Mama Rainbow, and wishing...

Purrl's getting the idea:

What they really want is to be able to get up there and drink out of that huge water bowl like Mama's doing!

It won't be long. They're getting bigger and more... ahem... 'independent' every day. ;)

Happy Holiday, folks! Hope you're doing something fun today, and maybe even taking in some fireworks somewhere tonight! Enjoy!


LiEr said...

Happy Independence Day to you, too! No kitties at the lake where we were today, only dogs. Multitudes of them. One even jumped on the hammock with me. Still damp from the lake, too. And no, he wasn't my dog.

Grandma G said...

Eeuww!! That doesn't exactly sound pleasant. I hope it wasn't very big! Now, kitties would never do that! They might join you, but they certainly wouldn't be wet! ;)