Tuesday, July 29, 2014

First of the season

My tomato plants have not been doing the best this year, due to all the wet weather we had a few weeks ago. They got blight (or septoria leaf spot, or whatever it is) early on, and as you can see below, the disease is progressing, although it's slowed down some. I've picked off lots of affected branches, which is why the plants look so bare near the bottom.

At least there are still some tomatoes that are looking quite good. There was even one beginning to ripen when I took these pics on Friday.

I picked it Sunday morning, and by yesterday it was looking like this:

It wasn't very big, though, as you can see below.

Grandpa and I shared it for supper last night. We each got a couple small bites.

Yesterday morning I also picked this lovely GREEN tomato.....

..... off the ground! There were also a few deer tracks around, and apparently a deer had tried to bite into it.

It must've been too hard, since the skin was barely broken, so the tomato was just mostly bruised. But I guess it'll get tossed, because it probably will spoil before it'd get ripe.

I also chased the 3 hen turkeys and their dozen or so young out of the garden one day. So far they haven't done any damage. Just wait till more tomatoes start to ripen.....


Anonymous said...

Fried green tomatoes are very good!

Grandma G said...

We tried them once. Never again! :)