Monday, July 7, 2014

Mini rose

A year ago last March(?) I went to a bridal shower. There were a few games, and because I play a lot of Word Warp on my iPad I won a little mini rose bush by playing a word game. I put it outside last summer, and it did quite well. I didn't bring it into the house in the fall, but surprisingly it survived the winter! Here's what it looked like a couple weeks ago, right after a rain:

By the 4th of July, it had produced another bud and looked like this:

Yesterday morning it was almost fully open:

HOWEVER, my little bush had a definite problem. As you can see below, the second bud was gone...

... and the stems were bent over at a 90° angle:

The second bud was on the ground directly below its stem. It's right at the point of the amaryllis leaf above. Hmm... what happened to my poor little rose?!

Chances are, these littles may have had something to do with it:


That's a guilty retreat if I ever saw one:

I'm not totally sure it was them, though. They are rarely on that side of the house, and they haven't damaged anything else. There is also a somewhat smashed impatiens plant, which I'm pretty sure was due to an adult cat fight I heard a couple of nights ago. It could've happened at the same time, although I didn't notice if the rose stems were broken at that time or not.

I'll proclaim the kittens innocent until proven guilty, though. I love my kittens more than my flowers, anyway. ;)


annie dee said...

Maybe deer? But not those dear little kittens!! Heavens! No!

Grandma G said...

No deer tracks. Narrowing down the culprit list! Of course it couldn't be the kittens!!!