Thursday, July 17, 2014

Just pretty

I took all of these photos alongside our driveway late one afternoon.

Purple loosestrife:

Yellow sweet clover and purple loosestrife:

White sweet clover:

Alfalfa blooms:

Wild roses:


Geneviève said...

Hi there! It's Gen again, testing if I managed to solve my "Unknown" problem with my comments. ;) I needed a post I never commented on, so I figured those beautiful flower pictures needed some recognition. Wildflowers are so lovely, no one can beat Mother Nature as a gardener, that's for sure!

Grandma G said...

Ahhh... it's YOU!! 😄 Thank you! 💕

Geneviève said...

Yes!! It worked!! I shall not be condemned to remain unknown forever! :P

Grandma G said...

What did you have to do?

Geneviève said...

I had to edit my profile on Blogger (which I never even paid attention to, since I log in with my Google account). There must have been an update or something that required me to update and share my profile. Not 100% sure, but the important part is that it worked. :P

Grandma G said...

Yeah... whatever works! 😂👍