Thursday, July 24, 2014

Turkeys are good for 'something'!

I've been seeing the turkeys quite often lately. Last week one day, I looked out the kitchen window and noticed some of them resting right in the backyard:

Did you notice the mom in the background? The chicks were in the sun, but she preferred the shade (which made it hard to get good photos). Here's a little better pic of her:

I guess you could say she was lurking. Does that make her a lurky turkey? Ha. Ha.

Since seeing those, I've seen more every once in a while. In fact, there are three hens, and the chicks total around a dozen or so, all of which I found in the machine shed the other evening. I guess the moms were teaching the chicks where to find the cat food. Ugh. When I went in there, the moms flew (literally) out the door, and the chicks flew up into the rafters. There was a riot of clucking and peeping after that. And lots of the chicks quite stupidly flew into the walls instead of out the wide-open huge doors. They have lots to learn, I guess.

I often find turkey feathers around the yard. One day I picked up a few and brought into the garage to see if the kittens would like to play with them. Oh, they were a big hit! Since I'd only found 4, I had to go out and get one more, because one kitten was feeling quite left out as his siblings played. After that, they each played alone, having a blast. I went in the house and came out 20 minutes later, and they were still going at it, although the feathers were looking a bit worse for wear by then. Such fun!

Enjoy this little video, and be sure to turn up the volume to hear a few growls!

So the turkeys provide great entertainment, if nothing else!


Jessica Jones said...

Wow, they're like real kids, where they each must have their own.

Grandma G said...

Yep, and sometimes they take things away from each other, and fight and scream and yowl... yet sometimes they share and play together very nicely... but they always love each other. Just like real kids. 😘