Thursday, July 3, 2008

A common sight

Yep, the birdbath is getting quite a bit of use, although robins and starlings are the only ones I've ever seen bathing. Others come for a drink, though. I'm hoping to get a shot (with the camera, of course) of the purple finches that have shown up recently... so pretty!

I'd also like to shoot (not necessarily with the camera) whichever bird(s) it is that poops in the bath nearly every single day! Yuck!! At least the bath is easy to clean. It's "hinged" so all I have to do is tip it up to empty the water out, then rinse and refill it with the hose. I do scrub it occasionally, mainly to get rid of the lime ring.

As you've probably noticed, it was very windy yesterday when I made that video clip. Trees and grass whipping in the wind like that is another common sight around here, unfortunately. So we really love and appreciate the rare windless days. Like TODAY! It is sooooo gorgeous out!

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