Thursday, July 10, 2008

More of Suzi's flowers

Suzi has a large flower garden, full of beautiful flowers. Here are the prettiest of what were blooming on July 4th.

I believe these first ones are sweet williams.

I need help on identifying these next ones. Suzi couldn't remember what they're called. Anybody know? Update: I've been told that they are called "Common Sundrops". Thanks, Kris!

You can click on the images to see them just a bit bigger and clearer.

I found the lily below very interesting. When I asked if it was a day lily or a tiger lily, Suzi told me it's actually an Easter lily! She said this is what they do when you plant them outside to bloom year after year. What were originally white flowers actually come back as orange or yellow! I'd never heard that before, nor have I ever tried planting an Easter lily outdoors. Have any of you had experience with this? How fun! And gorgeous!

As you can see, Suzi's are going to bloom like crazy!


Anonymous said...

Courtney's other grandma has been doing this for years. I tried planting one a few years ago, but it didn't survive. I attribute it to the ill chosen site.
Auntie Kris

Anonymous said...

They are Common Sundrops. They are very prolific and can be a nuisance if you let them take over your garden.
Aunite Kris

Grandma G said...

Thanks for the info., Kris!

And I just may have to try the Easter lily sometime.

Anonymous said...

I began planting my nearly dead Easter lilies in my garden on the advice of a dear resident at the nursing home where I worked. She sent her expired plant home with me. Afer seeing how it survived the Minnesota winter and bloomed the next spring in a bright orange ( Yes, Jess-I said Orange) I began collecting the wilted Lilies from the trash at the home. I have plenty to share so just come on over and get some bulbs in the fall and plant them in your yard too. Maybe we can swap roots as I see by so many beautiful photos you post in this blog you to have some things I do not yet have growing in my beds. Groan-- like I need more to weed.

I have only a couple times gotten the lilly to bloom back in white and with the outward -rather that upward angle of the blossom. The majority of thetime they return as bright yellow or orange blooms.

You should come soon so you can see the colors and choose what you want and we can mark them so we know in the fall what to dig.