Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Milkweeds and milkweeds

Jess and Alex spent Memorial Day weekend in the Smoky Mountains, and while there they noticed a very pretty flower, but they didn't know what it was. Jess posted this photo of it on her blog...

...and one of her readers informed her that it's a milkweed plant. It's not quite like the ones we have around here, so I've been waiting to find one of ours blooming, just so I could satisfy my curiosity as to how different they really are. Finally, yesterday I happened to see this one, with all stages of blooms.

I'd never realized they were actually so pretty! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Yes, pretty and they smell sweet too. We have actually allowed a few to grow annually in one spot of our garden just to attract and nourish the butterflies. Sounds pretty crazy for former farmers who would eagerly spray them to death when found in our fields.

Thoes that Jess and Alex saw are really cool. looks like they could form berries of some sort,

Love the nite nite video too. She is talking so much for 18 months -don't you think? Or is that just grandmas's bragging? (:-} Grace