Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Teasing Grandma

"Aren't you gonna tell me not to put it on the floor? Well, that's no fun. I guess I'll just have to eat it then."

"Oh, hi Willow."

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Anonymous said...

Good morning,

WE have been out of touch for the past few days. We had to rush our computer to the emergency room. We thought it was in critical condition but actually it was in GRAVE condition. After a transplant it is recovered except for a complete loss of memory. This includes e-mail addresses. I had to call Suzi to fwd the blog site to me.
The garden photos are so pretty. You do a really nice job of gettting perfect shots with just one aim. Thank you for sharing our passion for flowers on your blog.
We are headed out to pick more wild raspberries while it is not yet 90 degrees. We have so far harvested 3 ice cream pails full. The jam is very good and we have eaten soooo many.

Please drop an email so we have your address again

Have a great day, we are enjoying our vacation..
Grandpa and Grandma H.