Thursday, July 10, 2008


Here's our shy little model wearing another of her oh-so-cute outfits. Shy? Hardly! But at least she was standing still so I could get a photo of it! :-)

And like someone very near and dear to us said recently: "She'd make a gunnysack look good." So true! :-)


Swiss Ms. said...

I always thought it was gummysack. hahaha. What do I know?

Grandma G said...

Did you look it up to make sure who was right or wrong? ;-)

Hey, we learn somethin' new every day.... there's yours! I wonder what I'll learn today???

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Grandma G said...

Hey Swiss Ms.,

As you can see from my new post, I learned my 'something new' for today! Ah, ain't life fun? :-)

Grandma G

Swiss Ms. said...

I just checked and it's definitely "gunny." From the Sanskrit for "sack." Also known as a crocus sack, crocker sack, or towsack. Thank you for introducing these words into my consciousness!

Life is fun. :)

Grandma G said...

Oh, you're so welcome! :-)

I bet there's a place for your "gummysacks", though. That MUST be what they call the bags that gummy bears come in! ;-)