Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nap time? Good grief!

Late yesterday morning, I came down the basement and noticed this scene in our window. Both were sleeping. Well, actually, Willow was fakin' it. (And forgive the dirty window... kitty noseprints!)

But this tom was definitely asleep!

He soon woke, though, and he...

... and his cohort...

...who had also been napping under the deck, ambled away to join the rest of the crew who were doing their resting in the shade of a tree on our lawn. They were so relaxed that they didn't even bother to move when I backed the car out of the garage right next to them.

Fortunately, they haven't been making a habit of this, and I rarely see the toms. There are, however, a couple of hens that I see nearly every day, and one of them has a baby following close behind her. Mom's pretty protective, though, and as soon as she sees me, they slip into the long grass before I can even think about going for the camera.

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