Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New perennials

I bought some new perennials this year. This one is called clustered bellflower, and the tiny buds look like this.

They open up in... clusters, of course... and look like this. The tiny flowers are about a half inch across.

Below is a mini hollyhock. Its flowers are about an inch across.

I think both new perennials (and I got 3 plants of each) are going to be very pretty once they get established and start blooming profusely. I put them in front of the house where I'm getting tired of planting new annuals every year.

I also bought a weigela bush for the front yard. It's supposed to attract hummingbirds. It won't be attracting any this year, though. Unfortunately, it didn't survive for some reason. It will be replaced (free) in September.

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