Friday, July 25, 2008


Oops! I've done it again. I've made another 'bird' mistake. The nest I showed you here and said it was a house finch nest turns out to not belong to finches. I checked the nest again this morning to see if the second egg had hatched (indeed it had), and both parents flew up to the deck railing, scolding like crazy. But, much to my surprise, they weren't finches! This was the first time I'd actually gotten a good look at them, because the mother had always slipped out of the nest and flown away in a brown blur prior to today. In my searching to figure out what kind of nest it was in the first place, I knew the eggs were brighter blue than the photos I found online, but the black markings looked right, and having seen the finches, I decided it had to be right. WRONG!

The little birds scolding me from the deck were actually chipping sparrows. Here is a nice photo of one if you don't know what they look like. I did some more online searching and found photos of chipping sparrows' nests and babies, nearly identical to mine. I also found photos of newly hatched house finch babies that did NOT look like mine. So, I think I have it straight now. And I must say, I'm disappointed. I wanted them to be finches. ;-) Now to correct my original posts. *sigh* My apologies for any confusion!!

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