Thursday, April 11, 2013

If I have to look at it, so do you

(Sorry about the photo overload. But I don't want to drag this out. Even if I broke it down into several posts, it'd still amount to the same page-loading time overall.)

My kitchen windows (north side of house) yesterday... totally iced over:

View out the south living room windows:

Outside of the house:

Far side of the deck railing:

This is what the grass looked like:

Closer look at the "glass grass". If you look closely, you can see the individual blades of grass inside the "glass".

Our poor lilac bushes:

Lilac bush inspector:

Our poor maple tree really got it again. (Note the lilac bush inspector's photo bomb.)

The evergreen trees were heavy with ice, too:

So heavy, in fact, that this big branch fell to the ground. I'm not sure if it's a top, or where it came from.

The asparagus has sort of a blown glass look to it:

Wreckage along our driveway:

The view down the road from the end of our driveway... and that's only sleet... it hadn't started snowing yet:

Look how thick the ice is/was on our mailbox! (Yes, it desperately needs a paint job.) I wonder what our mail carrier used to knock the ice off of every mailbox she came to. It must've been slow going yesterday, but at least she made it through!

Electric fencer shelter:

Water hydrant:

Interesting fence decor:

The lilac inspector found this ice-covered branch that looks like an animal!

Now we can't see most of what's in those photos.....

..... because it's all covered with 8-10 inches of wet, heavy, "heart attack" snow! Only two pics of that. I just couldn't take any more.

Had enough? Yeah, me, too. At least our power remains on, although it flickers often and has been out for a few seconds several times.

No Courtney here today. She doesn't have school, but she went to her other grandparents' last night, because there was no power (and still remains so) at her house. We had lots of fun yesterday (and the day before), so soon (hopefully) I will show you some of what we did. Trust me, it'll be more COLORFUL than this post!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for those most impressive views. I'm glad you've kept power and I'm glad we left MN before all this came along. Hope everyone is safe.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Horrible weather,but I love the photos, especially the fire hydrant.Stay warm.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics.
Those pictures will scare the c___p
out of people who never seen it before.
Worthington sure made the news with their ice.
Looks like you have the same thing, lots of damaged trees.
Why does mother nature do this other than to prove she can do anything?


Grandma G said...

You're welcome. I'm glad 'somebody' enjoys looking at all this mess.

Gwen... city girl... really? "Fire hydrant"??? Heheh. ;)

I hope that was a rhetorical question, Dale......

Jessica Jones said...

Horrible photos. I hate them. :) We have rain and at least it's just warm enough not to be ice!

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Jess. ;)

Anonymous said...

OOOOPS! I guess I was subconsciously trying to project some warmth. :)