Friday, April 12, 2013

Poor birds

The birds have been having a hard time in this nasty weather we've had. I spied this robin hiding out in an evergreen tree Wednesday morning as the freezing rain was coming down. He/she is certainly puffed up in an effort to keep warm... and doesn't look too happy.

Late that afternoon I noticed that the robins were huddling pretty close to the south side of the house on whatever bare ground they could find.

When Courtney and I were out, we noticed these tracks on the cement right in front of the garage doors.

No doubt they belonged to a robin, too, because later I saw this poor thing scratching in the crevice between the cement and the garage.

It spread a lot of leaves out from that crevice. I wonder if it actually found anything to eat.

Yesterday morning, I noticed this mourning dove sitting in a tree, after all that snow had fallen.

Bet it was having second thoughts about the nest it had been building earlier.

Mourning. Indeed.

Late yesterday afternoon, Courtney's daddy came over with the payloader to push the snow off our driveway, etc. After he left there were a couple small areas that had the ground exposed. These spaces were filled with juncos!

Poor little birds. I hope the snow melts quickly so they can have an easier time finding food.

The good news is that even though we had flurries off and on all day long yesterday, it got up to 40°F, and considerable melting occurred. And even better news is that we didn't lose our power. But I know many others are still without electricity, including Courtney and Mommy and Daddy. I hope everything gets repaired soon! And that this is the last of 'winter', although the coming week's forecast doesn't show much warmup, and there are still chances of that dreaded 's' word. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Great pictures and story of the birds and their plight. Mark

The Luedtke Family said...

Simon had to call Grandma yesterday to see how they fared in the "ice storm". They, of course were fine, and did not have as much snow and hardly any ice.

Norah did want to go there and go sledding. She is not yet in a spring mind.

Hope you thaw very very soon.

Grandma G said...

Thanks, friends! Today (Sat.) the sun is out, and the snow/ice is melting! However, many are still without power, including Courtney and family. :(