Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sunshine and daggers

We had SUNSHINE yesterday!! It really helped (with the mood, as well as with melting the ice)!! Our ice is about 99.9% gone now, with only a chunk hanging here or there.

We had some rare sunshine for a while on Saturday, too, and I couldn't resist taking these pics of the ice on the trees, because they were very pretty, despite their brokenness. They were so sparkly! It's too bad it doesn't show up very well in the pics.

The ice melted in interesting ways, creating some mean-looking daggers. Some of them were even angled because of the wind.

These hanging from the evergreen tree the next morning looked downright wicked!

I guess there's beauty to be found practically anywhere. But I'm going to have a really hard time seeing it in our next round of rain/sleet/snow that's coming up this week. Ack.

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