Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Knock, knock. Who's there?

Last Friday I was in my sewing room, getting my exercise on the NordicTrack, reading blogs or something on the iPad, as usual. I was very surprised to suddenly hear someone knocking at the window! Especially since there was a big snow drift right outside the window. Who would bother to tromp through the snow to get to the window to knock on it? Who even knew I was down there???

I looked up and saw nothing. I waited a bit. Suddenly there was more knocking... and I knew who it was! I ran upstairs for the camera, hoping he/she would stay there.

Can you guess who it was? Here's a peek:

Have another peek:

If you guessed a robin, you are correct!

It was a robin who was very anxious to get into the house. Not that I blame him/her. There's so much snow out there, and every time a patch melts off the grass so the birds can find food, it snows again. Yesterday (as of this writing last evening, and it was still coming down) we got another 6-8" of new, heavy white. UGH!!! You must be tired of hearing about it... but not nearly as tired as I am of seeing it.

The good news is... our forecast says it's supposed to get to 74° on Sunday!!!  (But I'll believe it when I see it.)


annie dee said...

LOL It must be pretty darn cold there if the local bird population is asking to come indoors! Nice to see such plump robins though.

Anonymous said...

Toooo Funny! Hope the robin found a spot to stay warm! Audrey

JHNickodemus said...

I've been thinking, the birds have GOT to be confused.

Grandma G said...

I agree, JHN!!