Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saturday observations

We had an absolutely glorious spring day yesterday... blue sky, gentle breeze, and it topped out at 75°! The urge to grab the camera and capture interesting views overcame me, and now I'll share with you what I observed.

The lilac bushes are ready to pop into green leaves:

A cat was on the ball... a robin was not:

Our maple tree has lost so many branches due to winter storms in the last few years, but this year's ice storm did the most damage ever.

(If you noticed that spot of color in the background behind the tree, that was some
 of my laundry on the clothesline. It was too nice a day to NOT hang things out!)

The tree lost BIG branches this time. So sad.

(Those black spots on the bare wood are flies.)

The rhubarb is ready to burst out:

But there was still plenty of snow left in places.

That glaring fleshy-white photo bomb in the foreground of the next pic was intentional. I wanted to show you that I was out checking the snow with BARE arms! :)

Most of the snow is gone from the fields, thankfully.

My tulips suffered no damage from the snow and cold temps. They're doing nicely.

Lastly are two photos of a puddle on our driveway. Do you see what I noticed?

Here's another look:

Yep, the bottom of the puddle was covered with bird tracks.

That was yesterday. Today should be warm again, then it's downhill from there. Down so far, in fact, that the 's' word is in the forecast again. Hopefully nothing measurable, though!

Coming up tomorrow... pretty prom pics (if all goes as planned). Daddy's taking Miss Courtney to the Father-Daughter prom this afternoon! Way to go, Daddy!!


Anonymous said...


It won't be long now until we have our first rhubarb pie of the season.
I love that pie.

Yeah, I couldn't figure out what those black specks were on the broken tree. At first I thought they were worm or insect damage.


Grandma G said...

I just wish rhubarb didn't require so much sugar to go along with it. :(