Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The disappearing grape

Watch closely!


JHRME said...

Love grapes! Always fun! The look on her face is darling!

The part of me who took babysitting classes before I even turned 10 however is sort of panicing in fear...heres why...according to local childrens hospital two things are very commonly choked on, grapes and hotdogs. This is because they have skins and size very similar to that of the airway(particularly childrens'). If you cut them in half lengthwise I guess this lowers the chances of choking, but I guess theyve had more than one grape eating contes tradgedy. Sigh. I hate being a kill joy...just sharing because I'd feel lame if I didnt! Disclaimer: I couldnt tell if it was peeled. If it is forgive me! Sorry for being lame!

Becky said...

Too funny! And you are such a fabulous audience for her antics!

Grandma G said...

Thanks for your concern, JHRME. I am aware of the grape and hot dog dangers. I used to cut the grapes in half, but I haven't been doing that for a while. I think she handles them well enough, and she's never running around the house eating them or anything. I don't know where she learned this trick (she told me it was Mommy, but Mommy denied it ;) ). If she'd been inhaling when she did it, I'd have quickly put a stop to it, but she was just sucking, so I didn't figure that was dangerous. (Test it... when you suck, the back of your throat is actually closed.)

No, it wasn't peeled. And you're not being lame or a killjoy. Don't ever be afraid to enlighten people to dangerous things!

Becky, I delight in being her audience! :)

JHRME said...

Whew you've got you've got your bases covered...sigh of relif! I feel better!

Grandma G said...

I'm glad you feel better! Now all you have to worry about is how to survive till March, huh? ;)