Friday, January 22, 2010

Just the beginning?

See the broken branch on the ground? And if you recall seeing this view from numerous times before, you'll realize that the other tree branches are hanging somewhat low. There's a frost buildup on them with some added misty ice that accumulated overnight.

BUT, our winter storm warning doesn't even start till this evening. We're supposed to get freezing rain and snow for the next couple of days. With wind, of course. Yuck.

Our power was already out for a couple hours this morning. So don't be surprised if I seem to disappear for a while. I'll still be here, but might not be able to let you know what's going on due to more power outages. I hope not, but it's not looking good.

Yay for winter in Minnesota. (<-Note the sarcasm dripping from that statement.) Right, Mark?


Becky said...

Hey.........Wait a minute.....aren't all you stalwart farm folk supposed to have generators or something?

;-) Heehee - I kid you.

Do stay warm and safe. You do have plenty of firewood, right?

Grandma G said...

We do have a generator. :) But we can't run it all day long. At least it's not terribly cold... well, for us stalwart farm folk from MN, anyway. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures, like I have said before a hoar frost is the most beautiful weather event to see.

Now for the ice storm that is just plain not good. I do remember as young boy on the farm we had an ice storm and the ice was thick enough to skate on the gravel roads. We skated down hills and all over the place. We went down a really steep hill with a narrow bridge at the bottom, why nobody didn't kill themselves or get hurt I will never know. I guess that is why we all have gurardian angels.

Here is an idea, when you need to warm up the both of you could go outside and skate. With the Olympics coming up you could work on your ice dancing or pairs dancing. Now that would be some good video and plus the enjoyment you would gain and your viewing pleasure of the Olympics would be increased.

I know there is nice hill to the south of your drive way that would be great to skate down. But a little advice I learned as a kid, skating down was fun but getting back up the hill in ice skates was _ _ _ _. You can fill in the blanks. Lets just say it took us a long time, a lot energy and we only did it once. We finally had to walk around the hill to home about a mile on our skates, no fun and some very sore feet.

Look forward to your skating adventures.


Grandma G said...

Aw, too bad, Mark... I don't have any skates. In fact, I've never had a pair of ice skates on in my life, and I don't think now's a good time to start! ;) On the other hand, Grandpa used to have some which are probably still around here somewhere. I'll grab the camera and take him to the top of our hill and we'll (all) see what happens! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, be sure to get pictures of that. On second thought, don't do it, it might be the last skating he ever does. You'd better start on flat areas, then try the driveway, and work your way up to going down the big hill.
I hope it doesn't do a lot of damage and hope your power isn't out any more.