Sunday, January 3, 2010

Random Christmas photos

Time for some COLOR!!

As I mentioned in another post, our power went out Christmas Eve afternoon and stayed out until around 11:30 p.m., but thanks to having a generator (so Grandpa could feed and water the heifers), we were able to cook, eat, and have our usual Christmas Eve celebration with electricity. Candlelight would've been fun, I suppose, but the photos wouldn't have turned out so good. ;-)

I think one of Courtney's favorite gifts was the bubble wrap (a.k.a. "pops"). I purposely wrapped the shirts I'd gotten her in it, because I knew she'd love it. You can see the shirts (red one on top to her left) off to the side. First things first!

She got a couple really neat things from Auntie Jess and Uncle Alex. This first one is a little scene with lots of restickable stickers to add, move, and move around again. Fun!

Next was a handmade crayon and tablet kit that Jess had bought from an Etsy shop. It should be very handy to take along to church or in the car to keep little fingers busy.

Mommy and Daddy brought one of their gifts for Courtney along. It was this cute little puppy, complete with hair brush, hat and clothes. It has curly brown hair like Courtney's!

Daddy got a new camera and had fun taking a pic of Grandma while she took a pic of him. ;-)

Okay, perhaps he got the camera new about 30 years ago or so. Or maybe Jess did. ;-)

Did you notice how he dressed up for Christmas? That's what happens when you work outside in a blizzard all day, have no electricity for a shower at home and have to go back out into the blizzard again to stay at the dairy after we were done celebrating. I'm just glad he made it, no matter what he was wearing! And I did get him a new shirt for Christmas... looks like it was time. ;-)

Mommy got a new puffy vest. Courtney thought it was just her size.

Grandma got a bunch of felt squares so she'll be prepared for new cute tutorials she finds in the craft blogs she reads online. Courtney thought they were the perfect size as blankets for her daycare kids. :-)

Grandma got a real bargain on a kids' laptop for Courtney. She might not be quite old enough to play all the games, etc., yet, but she's a quick learner and she'll grow into it. And I just couldn't pass it up for just a little over $12 !!

I think she's well on her way to becoming a computer addict like her grandma! (She's already pretty handy with Grandma's mouse! ;-) ) (Oh, yeah... she had a little case of hiccups as she worked, too.)


JHRME said...

Woooh! I LOVE COLOR!! haha. Cant wait to see what you make out of those felt squares. I have to figure out how to make two golf bags for our caddy ring bearrers. I'm a little afraid. While Courtney on her laptop with hiccups was rather cute and ears were drawn to the mint syrup conversation. What were they creating?!

Becky said...

Did you tell her that hiccups mean she is growing? That's what my Great Uncles used to tell me. Scared the hiccups outta me too. I took their words so literally that I thought I might just outgrow my clothes right in front of everybody!

live a colorful life said...

Where did you get that laptop? It looks fun!

Grandma G said...

Golf bags... to carry the rings in?

The conversation was about different coffee drinks. Jess got a cookbook for Christmas... all coffee drinks! Sorry, but I don't know the name of it.

I had never heard that about hiccups before, Becky!

The laptop came from Kohl's. Their emails before Christmas had one special deal each day, and this was one of them. A $40 MSRP for $15 something, but then there was a coupon code for another discount. Too good to pass up!