Friday, January 8, 2010

Ice cream cone or sundae, anyone?

Courtney will serve you with a smile!

Here's how they're made. Well, sorta. ;-)

I don't think Willow was all that impressed. ;-)


Becky said...

Dang she's smart! Shovels snow and makes Snow dough cones!

My little Sis made play dough cookies once - blue ones. She put them on the kitchen counter to "cool." Dad came home from work and said "Wow, cookies!" while popping one in his mouth just as we all said "noooooooo." It was very much like a slow motion movie "noooooooo."

Dad was a bit embarassed and had a very nasty taste in his mouth. 30+ years later he still teases her about her cooking abilities!

JHRME said...

That is soooo cool! Envy! However I always hated having to take apart my creations and put them away. At least with real food you get to eat it when youre done!

Grandma G said...

Too funny, Becky! :)

You 'could' just leave 'em sit and dry, JHRME. They look so real, somebody might just come along and try to eat them (see Becky's comment)! ;) But yeah... real food is better... especially better tasting! lol