Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow removal, part 2

This is how Courtney's daddy does it:

Above he's blowing a path to my trash barrel. After that he granted my unspoken wish and blew a path from the middle of the yard to our back door so we didn't have to keep going out the front and all the way around to get to the machine shed, etc.
Of course it wasn't too many days before the wind came up and nearly filled it all in again.
And it snowed all day long again today, covering everything with another 6+ inches. Later tonight the wind's supposed to come up and blow it all over the place. We're in a winter storm warning again. With all the fresh powdery snow, it'll make for whiteout conditions, and no doubt schools, etc., will be closed again. And the temps. are going to plummet.
And then later Courtney and Daddy will have to come back and do their cleaning all over again!


Becky said...

Wow! That a lotta snow blowing around from one place to another! I guess you have to have a big ol machine like that where you live, huh?

Grandma G said...

Yep, a snowblower like that is a must on a farm around these parts.

JHRME said...

Ok, that machine would be the only thing to get me in snow like that! How cool!

Grandma G said...

Funny what we take for granted and other people find to be interesting. :)

Kim said...

Yeah.. pretty, pretty cold! burrrrr. I don't care how long you live here... it's still COLD. But the changing Seasons are beautiful.. I MUST say.

do you have a picture of this big snow blower for all these "warm weather friends"?

Grandma G said...

COLD. For sure. And going to get COLDER. Aargh.

Actually, I don't have a picture of the snow blower, Kim. Yet. I'd have to wait till it comes here again. I could, however, take a pic of my little electric one. Same principle... smaller scale. ;)