Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just a quick update

For those that might be wondering.... our power flashed off and on a lot of times this morning, and then it went off completely about 12:45. It's still off, but we're running on generator while Grandpa does chores. When he gets done with that, we get to go to Courtney's house for supper, because they have power! (Thanks, Suzi!)

Our poor maple tree in the yard really got hit hard by all the frost/ice. I have pics, but don't have the time to post them now. Later.......

Update to the update: Our power was restored just before we got home around 9:30. Hurray!!

Supper was great, Courtney was fun, and I got to play with and take pics of her new kitten! Will show you the pics later (maybe tomorrow).... do check back.

G'night all!


JHRME said...

Yes, now that that the rain has stopped I think it's time to pack up the cows and come for a quick (month long) visit to CA! It'll be like playing Farmville...right?

Grandma G said...

"Pack up the cows"??? Ha! I'm leavin' them behind! No chores for me if I'm on vacation!

And I sold all my Farmville cows ages ago. They're worthless. I make a lot more money brushing bulls and calves. ;)

Becky said...

So glad to get an update with an update!