Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow removal, part 1

These first pics are from the Tuesday before the Christmas blizzard. As you can see, we already had plenty of snow. Even though it was getting pretty dark out after we'd fed the cats, I "made" Courtney scoop the snow from in front of the garage. (Yeah, right. Once she got ahold of that shovel, I could hardly get her back in the house!)

(Click to enlarge.)

Then after the blizzard, we made her scoop it all again. But such a willing worker she was. Look at that smile on her face!

She worked so hard!

And all the grownups just stood around and watched. :-)


grace said...

What a "Good Helper" I hope she did not have to clear the entire deck cuz the way it looks outside now it is commin' again!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love to see that youthful energy being harvested.
Keep at it and she will be the only kid in her school who really knows how to handle a shovel.
She has been watching others and learning by example. Watch out though, you may have to hide the keys to the snowblower.


JHRME said...

She looks so energized. My first time shoveling snow, I worked at it for a bit...and then got bored/tired. Im thinking she stuck with it longer than I did!

Grandma G said...

I 'wish' she had cleaned the whole deck, Grace, so I could get our Christmas tree out the front door instead of dragging it all the way through the house and garage with needles falling off all the way. I've been waiting for a warmer day to scoop it myself, but it ain't happened yet. I hope I can scrounge up one of those bags to put it into. I've been procrastinating. But then, you haven't even had your family Christmas yet, so I guess I'm not so late. I hope you really get to do it this weekend!

ENERGY... YES!! That's her, all right! There's no end to it. If only I had a fraction of it! And yeah, JHRME... she has a very long attention span!

grace said...

Here is a trick you may want to try. I have laid an old bedspresd on the living room floor and tipped the tree over onto it and wrapped up the corners and drug the tree out. It will leave a few needles behind but not like just dragging it out through several doorways. . Sure glad our tree had permanently attached needles-it can stand till Valentines or Easter if we have to wait that long for the grandchildren to get to Grandpa and Grandma's house for Christmas. Gonna try again this week-end but does not look too promising Huh?

Grandma G said...

Update: It seemed pretty nice and calm by the house when I went out to feed the cats tonight, and it was ABOVE ZERO, so I decided to scoop off a path on the deck and get the tree outta there by myself. DONE! And in a record take-down time, too, I believe. :) Nice to have that job done.

Yeah, the next few days could be real interesting with all that new 'powder' we have out there... and the wind going to come up... and the temp going to go down...

Becky said...

Is she also handy with a broom?
Too cute!

Glad you got the tree out. Stay safe and warm!

Grandma G said...

I don't know about the broom, Becky. I've never tried it with her here. I don't have one quite her size. :)