Saturday, January 2, 2010

Winter Wonderland, part 3

Nice fence, huh? It's actually just a wire fence covered with frost.

(Click to enlarge. They're better bigger!)

Tired of white yet? ;-) At least the heifers provided a little contrast. I'll try to add some color next time.


JHRME said...

So thaaats why they say happy cows come from California ;) ;) Those cows are furry! Has anyone ever spun yarn out of cow? Do you have to shear them in the summer?

Grandma G said...

I guess that's why, all right! :) And it's a good thing they're furry right now (made it all the way up to -7° today). Nope... no yarn. I bet you wanted to get some if they did, right? ;) No, they don't get sheared (shorn?). They shed their winter "fur" and become sleek again by themselves. A little brushing would help, I suppose, but they don't get that luxury.

JHRME said...

Courtney doesn't want to pet THEM too? What happens to it all when they shed it? Does it clump up around the fence posts? Does it linger all over the grass like moss? Or does it just disperse itself?

Grandma G said...

She probably would pet one if given the opportunity. But they are a little intimidating. ;)

The shed hair probably ends up mostly in their bedding. Maybe a little comes off if they rub themselves against something. But we don't see globs of it flying through the air or anything. There's probably not as much as it looks like. :)