Monday, September 19, 2011

Cupcake project

We had a busy weekend! We had "guests" (are family considered guests? nah. hence the quotation marks). One of them is a Kraftologist, the other is a designer and does lots of crafts. Courtney was lucky enough to be involved in a 'project' with the world-famous "Agent Orange"! They designed cupcakes. LOTS of cupcakes! Fun!!!

Later, Courtney was very helpful by playing ever-so-nicely by herself while the grown-ups worked on a much bigger project. It was kind of complicated and a lot of work, but the results were fantastic! Details on that later.......

We ate lots of yummy food, slept too little, and just plain enjoyed each other's company. And the long weekend flew by waaaay too fast. Back to "normal" here (boo hiss). Then again, that next sewing project awaits!


Anonymous said...

So...what exactly does a Kraftologist do?

Grandma G said...

He does Kraft projects, of course!