Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hard water

Yikes! What is this creature I found IN the birdbath this morning?!

Oh, it's only Cuddles!

But IN the birdbath?! Cats don't like to be IN water!

She wasn't. She was ON it. Trying to get a drink. Yep, frozen nearly solid. Brrrrrr!!!

There was no damage in the garden, though. I'm sure wishing I hadn't picked all those green peppers yesterday in anticipation of the frost! Wish I could glue 'em back on the plants! Dealing with peppers was not exactly in my plans for today.

Speaking of the birdbath, here's a first... I saw a flicker getting a drink yesterday.

All those spots must mean it's a young one? Note the red on the back of its neck. Do not note the grunginess of the birdbath.


Anonymous said...

Ice? If there is ice that means snow must not be to far behind. I bet you are excited!

Grandma G said...

Mark, you'd better watch your use of those four-letter words around here!