Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The PROJECT... a family affair

Here's what we worked on last weekend when Jess and Alex were home. They had acquired a couple of office chairs from a thrift store, and Jess wanted to re-cover them. So that's what we did. Everyone got involved. Everyone except Wispy, that is... she stayed safely in the cube.

Saturday morning... Alex is at the ready with the staple gun. (Hmmm... it was only the take-apart stage, but he was ready!):

Inspector Josie at the ready:

Miss Courtney getting ready to play nicely by herself:

Jess at the ready with camera, and Grandpa doing.... something:

Inspector Alex... um.... overseeing... as Grandpa removes arms of chair #2. You can see the old chair covers, although for some reason they look very different colors in this pic. The one kind of under Grandpa is more the actual color:

Discussing the possibilities... with Courtney playing nicely:

Sunday... new covers all made, sewn by me... time to figure out how to get them properly fastened onto the chairs:



Ahh... new cover on! But why is this 'putting back together' not going quite right? Thinking:


Maybe if we try this:

Farmer and Kraftologist making a good team. Jess being silly:

TA DA!!!

What cool chairs, huh? All that work (and thinking) was worth it! Now if you want a little better explanation of the how-to and to see the chairs in their new home, head on over to Jess's blog!


Jessica Jones said...

Wow, this project involved a lot of thinking. Funny!

The Luedtke Family said...

A family affair indeed!

I will have to check out Jubilee Furniture.

Anonymous said...

I look like I was just consulting...Alex

Grandma G said...

Consultants are valuable! Every good business uses a consultant to make sure it's doing its best, right?

Grandma G said...

And consultants who can wield a staple gun are even more valuable! ;)