Sunday, September 25, 2011


You've heard of taking a catnap, right? Well, here's one (or 3) in action:

That's Hairry on the bottom with his brother, Snuggles (pretty aptly named, huh?), on top... and their Mama in the background.



The Luedtke Family said...

Thanks to a maternity leave 6 years ago, I discovered the fall sun landed warm and snuggly sunny patches on various couches throughout the day. We have the term "cat nap" at our house. And my kids use it well. "Mom, it is a cat nap day. Mommy, are you going to cat today?" We have no cats, but we sure cat nap. It looks a bit like this picture, minus the tails, fur, pointy ears, whiskers, paws, etc.

Grandma G said...

I can just picture the 3 of you snuggled up in a pile on your couch. I like it. :)