Monday, September 26, 2011

'Nuther surprise

The day Courtney's daddy came over on his coffee break to see our little surprises (or whatever it was he really came over for... heifers, I think), he and Grandpa brought along a surprise of their own!

On their way over, they'd seen a goose in the ditch. It was obviously wounded (by a hunter, as it's now goose season here), so they put it out of its misery and stuck it in the back of the pickup. They got it out to show to Courtney and me.

It's a Canada goose. It had quite a wing span:

They tried to get Courtney to touch it and see how soft the feathers were, but she wouldn't do it. So they plucked one for her, and she was okay with that. She was quite impressed with it, in fact.

I was asked if I wanted to clean and cook it. I nixxed the cleaning idea right quickly! I suppose it would cook up pretty good in the crockpot. I never did hear if somebody else cleaned it or not.


JHRME said...

Cook? Sure thing. Clean? No thanks. I hear they're good. Luke knows if he brings home anything it better be cleaned first

Grandma G said...

Same here!