Thursday, September 8, 2011


My cantaloupe (muskmelons?) are finally ripening. They're wonderful... big, juicy and sweet! Here are the 2nd and 3rd ones I've picked. Grandpa and I are eating the first one, which was even bigger... we'll be getting our 3rd meal from it!

I put the tomatoes next to them for a little size perspective, but I guess that wasn't necessary. Here's some more perspective, thanks to my "helpers".

There are 5 more (cantaloupe, not cats) that should ripen, plus some smaller ones, still on the vine. Not bad, for only getting one plant that grew! (I guess my 2003 seeds aren't the best anymore.)


The Luedtke Family said...

Simon has a few questions for you:
What do you have in your barn?
Where is your barn?
Where is your garden?
Who is the farmer?
Do you have cows, and horses, and noisy chickens, and that's it?
Do you have a John Deere tractor?
Do you have two cats or three cats? (I told him you have a lot more than that, but perhaps you could tell him how many inside and outside cats you have.)
How much do your cantaloupes weigh?

And Norah wants to know:
Does she (your granddaughter) play toys?
Do you like to pick carrots?

Grandma G said...

Well, hello Simon and Norah! Nice to have you visiting my blog! And I like your curious minds. :)

Okay, here goes, Simon....
We have cows in our barn, and some pigeons, too.
Our barn is on one side (west) of our house, and the garden is on the other side (east).
The farmer is "Grandpa", my husband. He has the same first name as your grandpa in the Cities! :)
We only have cows. No horses, noisy chickens, sheep, pigs, or anything else (except kitties, of course).
All our big tractors are CaseIH (red), but my lawn mower is a John Deere.
I have 14 cats outside and 2 cats in the house! (The new babies didn't survive, plus a couple of the youngest other kittens have gotten injured and died.) :(
The biggest cantaloupe in the picture weighs over 5 pounds!

And Norah....
Yes, Courtney plays with toys. She especially likes dolls and pretending to be a mom or a daycare teacher.
I do like to pick carrots. I need to "pick" some more soon... thanks for reminding me! :)

I hope someday you kids can come and visit our farm and see all my kitties and stuff. But it's a very long way to drive... even farther than your grandparents' home in the Cities!