Wednesday, September 28, 2011

THIS is why I like fall best

We've been having the most stupendous weather lately! Sunny warm days, gentle dry breezes, cool nights great for sleeping... and the air just smells like 'fall', with the corn having been hit by frost. It's awesome. It's peaceful. It's beautiful!

It was so nice yesterday (got up to 76°!) that Courtney and I decided to have a little "picnic" for snack time in the afternoon. We sneaked out the back door so as to avoid having the cats join us (heheh... it worked... for a while) and ate our snacks in the shade of our maple tree.

We sat right on the grass, so it didn't even matter if we spilled.

We watched the leaves falling around us.

We had quite a busy day. I took lots of pics, which I will show you later. But first I must get back to my latest sewing project, which I hope to have done by Friday, because I joined a little online sew-along, and that's when this month's project is due (although we do have a week's grace period for slow-pokes like me). Seeya later..... !


The Luedtke Family said...

So many blog comments about sew alongs and quilt alongs. Very tempting, but I just am too unsure to join one. I really haven't searched for one that fits me yet, I suppose. Cannot wait to see the newest project!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of you, nothing beats the cool crisp smell of fall. There is something about the seasons especially from summer to fall, you just know one day it is definitely fall. None of the other season changes are this distinct, I have never heard or said it feels and smells like summer. Enjoy your fall!

Anonymous said...

It's still 100's here :(
We have leaves that look like that but it's not because it is fall...just too dry.
Enjoy your fine weather!

JHRME said...

Oh! How lovely. Someday we will be out of the 90s

Grandma G said...

Becky... you need a crochet-along! Surely there's one out there somewhere!

Aargh... 90's, 100's! I'll definitely be content where I'm at... for a couple months, anyway. ;)