Saturday, September 3, 2011

She did it!

Patches had her babies during the night. The poor thing had EIGHT of them! They weren't overly big, but they were overly many! Two of them looked doomed from the start, however, and when I went back with the camera later, there were only six left. Still too many for that poor mother.

She had them out in the long grass. When I got there later, she apparently was in the process of moving them. I only found these three in the original spot:

The others weren't far away, though. She'd moved them under a trailer nearby. I guess she thought, as I did, that it looked like rain. Here are the other three as I found them:

Patches quickly moved in to take care of them:

I took pity on the squirmy first three, saved Patches a few trips, and moved them for her. Here's the happy family having a late breakfast:

Below is the trailer, which is used to haul the skid loader, under which is the new family. If you look closely, you can see older sibling Rainbow under there, not quite sure what to make of the newcomers.

I believe the one below is Snuggles, keeping tabs on things, too. I just hope the older ones don't rob the food from the babies!

So my current cat total is now up to 21... plus Wispy and Josie, of course. Anybody want an adorable kitten???


Grace said...

To Quote Grandpa H. when we read this blog. "HOLY BUCKETS"

Grandma G just says, "Sure glad they are at your house and not mine" Last bag of cat food I bought was $24 plus some change. And we only have 8 or 9---all adult cats, no survivors from the two early litters but two of our mamas are expecting kittens. Sure don't like to see those late litters, they have a slim chance of survival in our cold Minnesota winters.

Grandma G said...

Now, Grace... you can be "Grandma G" at your house, but not on my blog! We don't want to confuse people, okay? You have to be "Grandma H" here, remember? LOL

Wow, either your cats eat a lot better than mine, or you buy much bigger bags! I get mine on special for $9.99 for 16#.

The Luedtke Family said...

Sure, I would love a kitten, or two. Not sure the hubby would agree! We just drove back from the cities today. We had a fabulous fair trip. Good luck with those kitties!

Grandma G said...

Unfortunately (fortunately? I really didn't need more!), I think those babies are all dead. Patches didn't take very good care of them, plus the bigger kittens started nursing on her. Last I saw, there were only 3 left, and now they are nowhere to be found.

I don't really feel too bad. Not only did I not need more kittens, this is a bad time of year for such little ones. They may not have survived the winter, anyway. So probably better now than suffering in the cold later.