Friday, September 23, 2011

Surprise, surprise!

Yep, that's two surprises! Two more kittens to add to the herd. Okay, so they were here before, but subtracted because I thought they hadn't made it. They belong to Patches... part of the family she had Labor Day weekend. I don't know where she had them hidden, but they showed up in the machine shed Monday evening. She was apparently in the process of moving them... in or out, I don't know. But here they are!

One is fun to hold. (Blurry pic... hard to focus because it was so dark back there.)

Two is a bit much. Especially when one of them gets its teeny razor-sharp claws on bare skin.

They're better on the ground.

The third one in the pic above is Oreo. He belongs to Scoot. But he also nurses on Patches with the babies. That's okay... she seems to have enough milk for him, too, and he's pretty scrawny.

Even Daddy came over on his coffee break to see the surprises! Okay, so he was here for a different reason, but his timing was good, since Courtney and I happened to be outside when he arrived. And he came up with the name "Snowball" for the white kitten. The other one hasn't been named yet.

I was lucky to get the pics of the two little surprises when I did, because now they're hidden away somewhere again. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Oh they are so cute. Glad they survived.I also had a cat named Snowball when I was little :-)

The Luedtke Family said...

They are so cute! Such a fun surprise, hope they show up again soon! Perhaps the other should be named Shadow.

Grandma G said...

Welcome to my blog, "Unknown"! I'm glad you're a cat lover, too. Maybe someday you'll get brave and become 'known'? ;)

Shadow! I like it, Becky! I'll have to run it by Miss Courtney and see if it meets with her approval. ;)