Monday, June 30, 2014

Amazing cloud formations

Late Saturday afternoon as I was mowing, I noticed a huge line of clouds that stretched clear across the horizon from north to south, heading our way. The first view was pretty amazing, but I didn't dare stop mowing to grab the camera for fear I wouldn't get done before the rain arrived. So I finished mowing and then went for the camera. I wish I'd thought to take panoramic shots so you could see the whole line of clouds at once, but... too late now. It was also hard to narrow down the shots, because they all seemed incredible. So here are a few, the first four being somewhat of a scan across the sky. The rest are zoomed in shots of the various formations. Click any image to enlarge. 

I was impressed with the streaks of light, wispy clouds in front of the huge thunderheads.

It sure seemed like we'd be getting a pretty good storm out of those clouds, and it even looked like it on the radar. But they dissipated enough by the time they got here that all we got was a little bit of rain! Prayers were answered.


Jessica Jones said...

Wow, they're gorgeous!

annie dee said...

Really impressive!! Are they thunderhead clouds? I'm not good with cloud type identification at all so maybe not. Glad you didn't get the storm they were thinking of!

Grandma G said...

Thanks! Yeah, I guess they were thunderheads, even though by the time they got here there wasn't even any thunder (if I remember correctly... we've had so many rains lately that they all kind of blend together in my mind).