Thursday, June 26, 2014


Rainbow's kittens discovered the joy of tree climbing a few nights ago. Bert was the first.

Going up was easy. Getting down was a bit of another story.

But he made it safely, even if he did drop the last 3 feet and land on his sister.

Mama Rainbow looks concerned, doesn't she?

But Purrl looks like she's ready for the challenge!

"C'mon, Sammie... we can do it!"

Up she went, followed closely by Georgie!

What great fun, peeking down from way up there!

Everybody had to have a go at it. Betty...


Little Sammie did, too, although I guess I failed to get a pic of him at it. But it was up and down and up and down. Two trees' worth. Grand fun!!

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Happyone said...

How cute to see the kittens going up and down the tree. : ) Mama does look a bit concerned!