Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Never a dull moment

It's getting harder and harder to get good photos of Rainbow's kittens, because they zoom and bounce around so fast! About the only time they're still is when they're sleeping or nursing (and the nursing only lasts for a couple minutes and they're gone). I shot this picture through the window in the garage door, unbeknownst to them. Even so, there were a couple that weren't cooperating very well (note the black ears peeking out from under the orange one by Rainbow's head). :)

They're all doing wonderfully, and aren't they beautiful?!

I did take some other pics of them (275, to be exact, which I culled down to 90+ the first time through!), but until I get a few of them sorted and edited, I'll show you 3 videos of them in action, so you'll know what a "photographer's challenge" they are. Enjoy!

(The wire around the flowers is to keep cats/kittens out - it helps!)

I got a chuckle out of Rainbow reaching out to Purrl for an affectionate hug when she came bouncing over, only to have Purrl evade her grasp. Typical kid. ;)


Hamstergirl said...

Rainbows kittens are so adorable!

Grandma G said...

They are, aren't they? :)

annie dee said...

No wonder kittens sleep so soundly! They sure are fast and furious. But so cute!

Jessica Jones said...

Fun videos!

Grandma G said...

Yeah, they do wear themselves out!

Thanks, Jess! :)